Is Online Learning Right For You?

This exercise will give you an idea of what an online course is like and if you are a good candidate to be a successful online student. This exercise will ask you some questions about your learning style and your motivations for taking an online course. Some of the questions may require you to do some critical thinking about your learning style. However, the more effort you put into thinking about these questions, the better you will understand what is expected of an online student. This is not a graded test, so please be as honest as possible with your answers. Once you're finished, click on "submit" to view the results.
  1. The amount of time I expect to spend on my online course is:

  2. In regards to assessing my own progress and learning in a course:

  3. I consider my reading skills:

  4. When it comes to assignment deadlines:

  5. I prefer my feedback from an instructor to be:

  6. My comfort level using computers is:

  7. Classroom discussion is:

  8. Having face to face contact with my instructor is:

  9. I consider my learning style:

  10. My primary motivation for taking a class online is:

  11. The socials aspects of the traditional on campus environment are: