Students who have been accepted at NCC (and their parents) for the Fall 2018 semester and recently graduated high school will select and register for their courses at Orientation. The Orientation program is designed to prepare new students for their first college semester by introducing them to the college experience.

Why should students attend orientation?

At NCC, it's required. Attending is the first step toward a successful academic experience at NCC. During Orientation, students will be introduced to the following:

  • Support services available to all students
  • Career and transfer opportunities
  • Faculty who will teach in their program
  • Requirements for specific programs/majors
  • Advisors who will help students select their Fall schedule of classes

Is it working?

Surveys from past Orientations show that both students and parents are pleased and impressed with the overall orientation at the Bethlehem and the Monroe Campuses.

  • 99% of students said they have a good understanding of what will be expected of them as a student
  • 93% said they have a good understanding of the program requirements
  • 97% said they have a good understanding of support services available

Students who complete orientation

When students complete Orientation at NCC, they are better informed, prepared, and equipped with the right tools to begin college and become academically successful! Students should leave orientation feeling confident that they are:

  • Informed about class locations, service locations, and what’s expected of them as an NCC student
  • Prepared to begin their first semester of College
  • Equipped to map out a successful journey

Key Essentials

How to prepare for Orientation and course registration

  • RSVP online for your Orientation day by filling out the form below.
    Refer to the orientation dates grid (PDF) to determine the days that your major orientation will be held at the campus you wish to attend. When majors are offered on multiple days, choose the date that works best for you. Plan to attend orientation at the campus (Bethlehem or Monroe) where you anticipate taking most of your courses.
  • Send your high school transcript (including SAT/ACT, and/or 11th grade PSSA scores if applicable) to the NCC Admissions Office
    Students who have high enough scores on the PSSA and/or SAT may not need to take the English and/or math placement tests. Click here for more information on English and math placement test information.
  • Take the English and math placement tests, if necessary, before Orientation
    Students who are not placed in English or math based on PSSA and/or SAT scores must complete placement testing prior to orientation. Please read the English and math placement test information to determine if you need testing and for a placement testing schedule at the Bethlehem and Monroe campuses.

    The following students are exempt from English placement testing:
    1. Students who graduated from high school within the past five years and earned at least a "B" average in a college prep curriculum;
    2. Students who scored at least 500 or higher on both the Reading and Writing sections of the SAT; Prior to March 2016
    3. Students who scored at least 560 or higher on the new SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Exam (March 2016 and beyond)
    4. Students who scored at least 2,650 on the 11th grade PSSA Reading and Writing sections with neither section below 1,200; and
    5. Students who scored a 21 or higher on the English section of the ACT exam.
    The following students may take MATH 140, MATH 150, or any lower lever math course without having to take the math placement test:
    1. Students who graduated from high school within the past five years and earned at least a "B" average in a college prep curriculum and completed high school Algebra III, Pre-Calculus, or Trigonometry with at least a "C;"
    2. Students who scored at least 500 or higher on the Math SAT section prior to March 2016.
    3. Students who scored at least 530 or higher on the new Math SAT section (March 2016 and beyond)
  • Attend Orientation
    Arrive for Orientation between 10:30 and 11:30 am on your scheduled date (check-in on the Bethlehem campus will take place in the quad between College Center and Kopecek Hall; check-in on the Monroe Campus will take place in Pocono Hall). Lunch will be provided on the Bethlehem Campus and Monroe Campus before Orientation. Optional tours of our brand new residence halls will begin at 10:00 am at the residence hall complex on the Bethlehem Campus (Bethlehem Township). The program will begin promptly at 12 noon on both campuses. Orientation end times will vary; however most students should be registered by 6:00 pm.
  • Undecided on your major?
    If you are attending Orientation at Bethlehem Campus, join us early (10:30 am) on the day of Orientation and participate in a brief (45-60 minute) session focusing on Strategies for Major Exploration. Students will learn about what to consider when trying to decide on a major, and some strategies and resources that can be helpful. Monroe Campus Orientations will include this workshop during their standard orientation program, rather than beforehand. Additional resources for finding your major can be found here.

Can't attend any of the dates below?

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