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English, History, and Philosophy
Abdellall, AhmedProfessor, ESL - Monroe
Absalom, Jennifer L.Adjunct Professor, English
Adams, HeatherAdjunct Professor, English
Allen , KellyAssociate Professor, English
Alnutt , Dr. Brian E.Associate Professor, History
Anderson , Belinda M.Assistant Professor, Reading
Arandia, MarcosAdjunct Professor
Auger, LucyAdjunct Professor
Avila , Dr. JavierProfessor, English
Bacho, JessicaAdjunct Professor, English
Beatty, Scott M.Adjunct Professor
Blease , MichelleAssistant Professor, English
Boone , RandyProfessor, English
Bradley, Dr. PamelaAssistant Professor, Reading
Brandon, MariaAdjunct Professor
Bruck, Kristen W.Adjunct Professor, English
Buenaflor , Judith L.Associate Professor, Education
Burak , Dr. KennethProfessor, Philosophy
Carpenter , Dr. AllisonProfessor, English
Catrillo, MichaelAdjunct Professor, English
Clifford, BrianProfessor
Cohen, BenjaminAdjunct Professor, History
Corvinus, SallyAdjunct Professor, English
DeMund, ReneeAdjunct Professor, English
Desposito, FrancineAdjunct Professor, English
Fast, JinaAdjunct Professor
Fehnel, Salena C.Professor, Monroe
Fida, TraceyAdjunct Professor
Finelli , Eileen M.Assistant Professor, EnglishMW 12-2:00 pm
Fiorot, SaraAdjunct Professor, Philosophy
Friend, Dr. NathanAdjunct Professor, Philosophy
Gallagher, Jaime H.Adjunct Professor, English
Gavin-Levy , Dr. SharonProfessor, English
Geromel, PeterAdjunct Professor, Philosophy
Gidley, GlenAdjunct Professor, English
Gillespie, JanneAdjunct Professor, English
Gilson, MichaelAdjunct Professor, Philosophy
Gnall, Dr. John E.Adjunct Professor, Philosophy
Gobble, Shauna LeighAdjunct Professor
Gordon, KatherynAdjunct Professor
Gospin, BruceAdjunct Professor, English
Graham, KathrynAdjunct Professor
Grubbs, PatrickAdjunct Professor, History
Houston , JulieProfessor, English
Janusko, Dr. Robert J.Adjunct Professor, English
Joella, EthanAdjunct Professor
Joffe, LindaAdjunct Professor
Jones, Heather D.Adjunct Professor, English
Kelly, ThomasAdjunct Professor
Landis, Scott M.Adjunct Professor, English
LeDonne, KevinAdjunct Professor
Logan, Dr. Michael M.Adjunct Professor, English
Marcincin, Diane M.Adjunct Professor, English
Martin, RebeccaAssistant Professor, English
Maslonka, Christopher J.Adjunct Professor, English
Mathis , Dr. MaryProfessor, English
McClintock-Walsh , Dr. CaraProfessor, English
McGovern, Dr. MichaelAdjunct Professor, History
McGunnigle, ChristopherAdjunct Professor, English
Meehan, Philip H.Adjunct Professor, Counseling
Melara, NicoleAdjunct Professor
Melendez, WilfredoAdjunct Professor, Philosophy
Melendez, WildredoAdjunct Professor, Philosophy
Mensher, HeathAdjunct Professor, English
Miller, ChloeAdjunct Professor
Molinaro, Thomas J.Adjunct Professor, English
Morgan, CatherineAdjunct Professor, Philosophy
Moschberger, NicoleAdjunct Professor, English
Muniz, RaymondAdjunct Professor, English
Niemoczynski, LeonAdjunct Professor, Philosophy
Orsi , MarthaAdjunct Professor, English
Paddock, KarenAdjunct Professor, English
Page , EarlProfessor, History/Sociology
Paretta, JosephAdjunct Professor, Monroe
Pasquarello, GregoryAdjunct Professor
Pense, ChristineAdjunct Professor
Phillips, StaciAdjunct Professor, Reading
Phillips, StacieInstructional Assistant, Tutorial Coordinator I
Pogach , Michael L.Associate Professor, English
Polhemus, KaraAdjunct Professor, English
Rapino, AnthonyAdjunct Professor, English
Reibman, Dr. James E.Adjunct Professor, English/History
Ritter, DaleAdjunct Professor
Roehrig, Dr. KristalynnProfessor, Monroe
Rogers, GregAdjunct Professor, English
Schell, DavidAdjunct Professor
Schrothe, ErikaAdjunct Professor, English
Schroyer , Dr. Precie A.Associate Professor, English
Stewart, ThomasAdjunct Professor
Strauser, Samuel T.Adjunct Professor, English
Supinski, Ashley B.Adjunct Professor, English
Tabor, JenniferAdjunct Professor
Tarsitano, CarlaAdjunct Professor
Thompson, Robert H.Adjunct Professor, Philosophy
Tomanio, Patricia A.Adjunct Professor, Reading
Trautmann , NancyProfessor, English
Von Schilling , Dr. JimProfessor, English
Wa-Kenyatta, KamauAdjunct Professor, History
Weiss , Dr. HaroldProfessor, Philosophy
Whiteford, KaseyAdjunct Professor, Reading
Yanulus, Helen A.Adjunct Professor, English
Zebrowski, Amy A.Adjunct Professor, English
Zimmerman, ToddAdjunct Professor, History
Zimmerman, ScottAdjunct Professor, English
Zrinski, TaraAdjunct Professor, Philosophy
Zugarek, John N.Adjunct Professor, History

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