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English, History, and Philosophy
Abdellall, AhmedAdjunct Professor, History - Monroe
Adams, HeatherAdjunct Professor, English
Allen , KellyAssociate Professor, English
Alnutt , Dr. Brian E.Assistant Professor , History
Anderson , Belinda M.Assistant Professor, Reading
Avila , Dr. JavierProfessor, English
Bacho, JessicaAdjunct Professor, English
Blease , MichelleAssistant Professor, English
Boone , RandyProfessor, English
Bradley, PamelaAssistant Professor of Reading
Bruck, Kristen W.Adjunct Professor, Reading
Burak , Dr. KennethProfessor, Philosophy
Carpenter , Dr. AllisonProfessor, English
Catrillo, MichaelAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Chiles, Eric J.Adjunct Professor, English
Clifford, BrianAdjunct Professor, English
Cohen, BenjaminAdjunct Professor, History
Corvinus, SallyAdjunct Professor, English - Monroe
Cragg, Dr. KennethAdjunct Professor, Philosophy
Cusumano, Teresa C.Adjunct Professor - Monroe
DeMund, ReneeAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Desposito, FrancineAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Engl, RachelAdjunct Professor, History
Fehnel, Salena C.Adjunct Professor - Monroe
Finelli , Eileen M.Assistant Professor, English
Fiorot, SaraAdjunct Professor, Philosophy - Monroe
Friend, NathanAdjunct Professor, Philosophy
Gallagher, Jaime H.Adjunct Professor, English
Gavin-Levy , Dr. SharonProfessor, English
Geromel, PeterAdjunct Professor, Philosophy
Gidley, GlenAdjunct Professor, English
Gilson, MichaelAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Gnall, Dr. John E.Adjunct Professor - Monroe
Gospin, BruceAdjunct Professor, English
Grubbs, PatrickAdjunct Professor, History
Houston , JulieProfessor, English
Janusko, Dr. Robert J.Adjunct Professor, English
Landis, Scott M.Adjunct Professor, English
Logan, Dr. Michael M.Adjunct Professor - Monroe
Marcincin, Diane M.Adjunct Professor, English
Martin, RebeccaAssistant Professor, English
Martin, RebeccaAssistabnt Professor, English
Maslonka, Christopher J.Adjunct Professor, English - Monroe
Mathis , Dr. MaryAssistant Professor, English
McClintock-Walsh , Dr. CaraAssociate Professor, English
Meehan, Philip H.Adjunct Professor, English - Monroe
Mensher, HeathAdjunct Professor, English
Molinaro, Thomas J.Adjunct Professor, English
Morgan, CatherineAdjunct Professor, Philosophy - Monroe
Moschberger, NicoleAdjunct Professor, English
Muniz, RaymondAdjunct Professor, English
Niemoczynski, LeonAdjunct Professor, Philosophy
Orsi , MarthaAdjunct Professor, English
Paddock, KarenAdjunct Professor, English
Page , EarlProfessor, History/Sociology
Paretta, JosephAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Petrole, SusanAdjunct Professor, English
Phillips, StacieInstructional Assistant, Tutorial Coordinator 1
Pogach , Michael L.Assistant Professor, English
Polhemus, KaraAdjunct Professor, English
Politi, Nicholas F.Adjunct Professor, English
Rapino, AnthonyAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Reibman, Dr. James E.Adjunct Professor, English/History
Roach, HarryAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Roehrig, Dr. KristalynnAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Rogan de Ramirez, CynthiaAdjunct Professor, English
Rogers, GregAdjunct Professor, Reading
Schrothe, ErikaAdjunct Professor, English - Monroe
Schroyer , Dr. Precie A.Associate Professor, English
Shoemaker, TimothyAdjunct Professor, English
Strauser, Samuel T.Adjunct Professor, English
Supinski, Ashley B.Adjunct Professor, English
Thompson, Robert H.Adjunct Professor, Philosophy
Tomanio, Patricia A.Adjunct Professor - Monroe
Trautmann , NancyProfessor, English
Von Schilling , Dr. JimProfessor, English
Wa-Kenyatta, KamauAdjunct Professor, History
Weiss , Dr. HaroldProfessor, Philosophy
Wheeler , BethAssociate Professor, English
Whiteford, KaseyAdjunct Professor, Reading
Yanulus, Helen A.Adjunct Professor - Monroe
Zebrowski, Amy A.Adjunct Professor, English
Zrinski, TaraAdjunct Professor, Philosophy
Zugarek, John N.Adjunct Professor - Monroe

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