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Social Sciences
Afshar, Mahta M.Adjunct Professor, Sociology
Anastasakos , Dr. VasilikiProfessor, Political Science
Applegarth, TheresaAdjunct Professor, Psychology
Armstrong, Jeffrey A.Assistant Professor of Psychology
Aversa, NicholasAdjunct Professor, Political Science
Bachor, SusanAdjunct Professor, Sociology
Bealer, TaraAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Bradley, Lorry J.Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Bradley, Dr. JenniferAssistant Professor, Psychology
Detrick, SarahAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Diefenderfer, AlisonAdjunct Professor, Sociology
Fliszar, CatherineAdjunct Professor, Psychology
Francois-Seeney, Dr. DeniseAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Giacoumopoulos, AnastasiaAdjunct Professor, Psychology
Hall, GeoffreyAdjunct Professor, Sociology
Hamill, GaryAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Haney, TaraAdjunct Professor, Sociology
Harman, JenniferAdjunct Professor, Psychology
Heath , Dr. Douglas E.Professor, Geography and Geology
Helm, Dr. Thomas C.Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Hoch, StacyAdjunct Professor, Psychology
Horowitz , Hope J.Professor, Social Work/Sociology
Horowitz, StuartAdjunct Professor, Sociology
Jones, Heather D.Adjunct Professor - Monroe
Josephs-Spaulding, DorotheaAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Klemmer, TonyaAdjunct Professor, Sociology/Social Work
Lazor, Christine M.Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Levy , SholomoProfessor, History
Lewis, Dr. CarmelinaAssistant Professor of Psychology
Lichty, Dr. WemaraAdjunct Professor, Psychology - Monroe
Longo, Robert T.Adjunct Professor, History
Lubben, ThomasAdjunct Professor, Sociology
Lutsky, Gail A.Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Mahoney, SarahAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Marshburn, MichelleAdjunct Professor, Psychology
McIntosh, Andrew R.Assistant Professor-Sociology, Monroe
Nocek, MeganAdjunct Professor, Psychology - Monroe
Pover, Evi-LuiseAdjunct Professor, Psychology - Monroe
Powers, JamesAdjunct Professor, Political Science
Recchiuti, MichaelAdjunct Professor, Political Science
Reichley, DouglasAdjunct Professor, Political Science
Reilly , ErinProfessor, Sociology
Richmond, Andrea R.Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Saimbert, JohnAdjunct Professor
Schwartz, Dr. Raymond L.Adjunct Professor - Monroe
Sell, StephenAdjunct Professor, Psychology - Monroe/Main
Shemtov , Dr. RonitAssociate Professor, Sociology
Skinner , Dr. CydAssociate Professor, Psychology
Stolls, Esq., MicheleAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Turner , Dr. Gina A.Assistant Professor, Psychology
Veleber, Dr. David M.Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Werkheiser, BruceAdjunct Professor, Sociology - Monroe
Whitman, BrittneyAdjunct Professor, Psychology

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