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Science, Math, and Engineering
Ahmadizadeh , EbrahimProfessor, Mathematics
Anderko, KarenAssistant Professor, Biology
Balum, Jr., JosephAdjunct Professor, Biology
Bartlett, Becky A.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Beebe, SamanthaAssistant Professor, Biology - Monroe
Bielska , Dr. BarbaraProfessor, Biotechnology - Monroe
Biglin, John R.Adjunct Professor, Math
Boyd, John W.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Brands, AlexanderAdjunct Professor, Biology
Byrne, Dr. Mary C.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Campbell, GaryAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Carney, Dr. BruceAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Chandler, Dr. Frederick "Rick"Adjunct Professor, Mathematics - Monroe
Chobanova, YordankaAdjunct Professor, Math
Coryell, Dr. Anne MarieAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Counterman , CelisaAssociate Professor, Mathematics
Cuvo, Anthony J.Adjunct Professor, Engineering
Davis, Keith J.Adjunct Professor, Chemistry
Davis, Robyn L.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Desai, Dr. AnnetteAdjunct Professor, Biotechnology
DiAngelis, Keri JeanAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Doney , BillAssociate Professor, Engineering, Physics
Dowd, MelissaInstructor - Biology
Ebersole , DennisProfessor, Math, Computer Information Science
Elias Horvath, MarlenAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Elwood, NicoleAdjunct Professor, Math
Fenderson, Dr. FaithAdjunct Faculty
Fleming, Dr. Edward S.Adjunct Professor, Chemistry
Follweiler, Dr. Douglas M.Adjunct Professor, Chemistry
Galick , JeannieAssociate Professor, Mathematics
Garippa, CarrieAdjunct Professor, Biology
Gaylo, ChristopherAdjunct Professor
Gelormo , DavidAssociate Professor, Chemistry
Gregory, JoanAdjunct Professor, Mathematics - Monroe
Haller, ThomasAdjunct Professor, Chemistry
Hancock, HarmonyAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Harris , MilesAsst. Professor, Mathematics
Huang, Dr. Wun-Ing JessicaAdjunct Faculty, Biology
Hussain, AzmatAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Jansen, Dr. PatrickAdjunct Professor, Biology
Johnson, MarkAdjunct Professor, Economics & Mathematics
Jones, NathanAdjunct Professor, Electronics
Jones, Melinda M.Adjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Jun, Wesley Y.Adjunct Professor, Math
Kavanau, Dr. ChristopherAdjunct Professor, Biology/Mathematics
Kazan, JosephAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Keller, Dr. Elhannan L.Adjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Kiani, MaryamAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Kish, Dr. PeterAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Klein, Karen M.Assistant Professor, Biology
Koch, AndrewAdjunct Professor, Biology
Krauss , KenProfessor, Math/Computer/Information Science
Kresge , Dr. KathleenAssociate Professor, Biology
Kressly, Doris A.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Kuehne, Paul C.Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Lavelle, Dr. JosephAdjunct Professor, Chemistry
Leiser , Dr. John Professor, Biology - Monroe
Leonardo, Dr. EricAdjunct Professor, Biology
Lutte, AmyAdjunct Professor, Biology
Magilton, III, WilliamAssistant Professor, Chemistry
Markle, Michael A.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Marsden, KevinTemporary Full time Professor, Engineering
Martino, Michael J.Adjunct Professor - Monroe
Mathers , CharlesAssociate Professor, Mathematics
Mauriello, ChristopherAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
McGovern, Dr. Thomas A.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Mikels, Linda P.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics - Monroe
Moreau, Dr. Wayne M.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics/Chemistry - Monroe
Mount, JosiahAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Muscatell, JamesAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Musolino, LarryAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Palermo, Dr. AnthonyAdjunct Professor, Biology
Pekala, RichardAdjunct Professor, Biology
Perone, Dr. AnthonyAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Preis , SandraProfessor, Mathematics
Prudente, MatthewAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Raker, DavidAdjunct Professor, Chemistry
Rinehimer , Dr. CharlesProfessor, Biology
Roberts, Carolyn H.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Rolón , AlexAssociate Professor, Mathematics
Ronco, MichaelAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Rosengrant, KimberlyAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Rossi, GraceAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Ruschman, RossAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Schmittel, Julie A.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Schrader, KandissAdjunct Professor, Biology
Sewell, MarkAdjunct Professor, Engineering
Shea, Patricia A.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Smith, Jeannie M.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Speicher, JacalynAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Spevak, AlanAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Spivak, CarolynAdjunct Professor, Math
Stasak, GeorgeAdjunct Professor, Math, Electronics
Svitilla, Robert J.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics / Physics
Swineford, Patricia A.Adjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Thompson, Dr. Lucile W.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Todora, Jr. , John G. (Skip)Technical Assistant, Level II Engineering Technician
Turkos, Dr. Robert E.Adjunct Professor, Chemistry - Monroe
Vedage, Dr. GaminiAdjunct Professor, Chemistry
Veech, Dr. WilliamAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Vidanage, SudanthaAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Viernes, Dr. NeilAssistant Professor, Chemistry
Villar , Dr. BeatrizAssociate Professor, Biology
Wagh, Smita M.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Weicker, Dr. M. EvaAdjunct Professor, Biology
Wetzel-Ulrich , ChristineAssociate Professor, Mathematics
Whirl, RobertAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Williamson, Clair Q.Adjunct Professor, Engineering
Withey, KurtAssistant Professor, Mathematics
Wyckoff, Dr. ClaesAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Yampolsky, ElaineAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Youssef, Naglaa A.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Zajac, MaryAdjunct Professor - Monroe

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