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Science, Math, and Engineering
Ahmadizadeh , EbrahimProfessor, Mathematics
Anderko, KarenAssistant Professor, Biology
Balum, Jr., JosephAdjunct Professor, Biology
Bartlett, Becky A.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Beebe, SamanthaAssistant Professor, Biology - Monroe
Bielska , Dr. BarbaraProfessor, Biotechnology - Monroe
Biglin, John R.Adjunct Professor, Math
Boyd, John W.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Byrne, Dr. Mary C.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Campbell, GaryAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Carney, Dr. BruceAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Chandler, Dr. Frederick "Rick"Adjunct Professor, Mathematics - Monroe
Chobanova, YordankaAdjunct Professor, Math
Coryell, Dr. Anne MarieAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Counterman , CelisaAssociate Professor, Mathematics
Cronin, MelissaAdjunct Professor, Biology
Cuvo, Anthony J.Adjunct Professor, Engineering
Davis, Keith J.Adjunct Professor, Chemistry
Davis, Robyn L.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Desai, Dr. AnnetteAdjunct Professor, Biotechnology
DiAngelis, Keri JeanAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Doney , BillAssociate Professor, Engineering, Physics
Ebersole , DennisProfessor, Math, Computer Information Science
Elias Horvath, MarlenAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Elwood, NicoleAdjunct Professor, Math
Fenderson, Dr. FaithAdjunct Faculty
Fleming, Dr. Edward S.Adjunct Professor, Chemistry
Follweiler, Dr. Douglas M.Adjunct Professor, Chemistry
Galick , JeannieAssociate Professor, Mathematics
Garippa, CarrieAdjunct Professor, Biology
Gaylo, ChristopherAdjunct Professor
Gelormo , Dr. DavidAssociate Professor, Chemistry
Gregory, JoanAdjunct Professor, Mathematics - Monroe
Haller, ThomasAdjunct Professor, Chemistry
Hancock, HarmonyAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Harris , MilesAsst. Professor, Mathematics
Huang, Dr. Wun-Ing JessicaAdjunct Professor, Biology
Hussain, AzmatAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Jansen, Dr. PatrickAdjunct Professor, Biology
Johnson, MarkAdjunct Professor, Economics & Mathematics
Jones, NathanAdjunct Professor, Electronics
Jones, Melinda M.Adjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Jun, Wesley Y.Adjunct Professor, Math
Kavanau, Dr. ChristopherAdjunct Professor, Biology/Mathematics
Kazan, JosephAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Keller, Dr. Elhannan L.Adjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Kiani, MaryamAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Kish, Dr. PeterAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Klein, Karen M.Assistant Professor, Biology
Koch, AndrewAdjunct Professor, Biology
Krauss , KenProfessor, Math/Computer/Information Science
Kresge , Dr. KathleenAssociate Professor, Biology
Kressly, Doris A.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Kuehne, Paul C.Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Lavelle, Dr. JosephAdjunct Professor, Chemistry
Leiser , Dr. John Professor, Biology - Monroe
Leonardo, Dr. EricAdjunct Professor, Biology
Lutte, AmyAdjunct Professor, Biology
Magilton, III, WilliamAssistant Professor, Chemistry
Markle, Michael A.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Marsden, KevinAdjunct Professor, Engineering
Martino, Michael J.Adjunct Professor - Monroe
Mathers , CharlesAssociate Professor, Mathematics
Mauriello, ChristopherAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
McGovern, Dr. Thomas A.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Mikels, Linda P.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics - Monroe
Moreau, Dr. Wayne M.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics/Chemistry - Monroe
Mount, JosiahAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Muscatell, JamesAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Musolino, LarryAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Palermo, Dr. AnthonyAdjunct Professor, Biology
Perone, Dr. AnthonyAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Preis , SandraProfessor, Mathematics
Prudente, MatthewAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Raker, DavidAdjunct Professor, Chemistry
Rinehimer , Dr. CharlesProfessor, Biology
Roberts, Carolyn H.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Rolón , AlexAssociate Professor, Mathematics
Ronco, MichaelAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Rosengrant, KimberlyAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Rossi, GraceAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Ruschman, RossAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Schmittel, Julie A.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Schrader, KandissAdjunct Professor, Biology
Sewell, MarkAdjunct Professor, Engineering
Shea, Patricia A.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Speicher, JacalynAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Spevak, AlanAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Spivak, CarolynAdjunct Professor, Math
Stasak, GeorgeAdjunct Professor, Math, Electronics
Svitilla, Robert J.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics / Physics
Swineford, Patricia A.Adjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Thompson, Dr. Lucile W.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Todora, Jr. , John G. (Skip)Technical Assistant, Level II Engineering Technician
Turkos, Dr. Robert E.Adjunct Professor, Chemistry - Monroe
Vedage, Dr. GaminiAdjunct Professor, Chemistry
Veech, Dr. WilliamAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Vidanage, SudanthaAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Viernes, Dr. NeilAssistant Professor, Chemistry
Villar , Dr. BeatrizAssociate Professor, Biology
Wagh, Smita M.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Weicker, Dr. M. EvaAdjunct Professor, Biology
Wetzel-Ulrich , ChristineAssociate Professor, Mathematics
Whirl, RobertAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Williamson, Clair Q.Adjunct Professor, Engineering
Withey, KurtAssistant Professor, Mathematics
Wyckoff, Dr. ClaesAdjunct Professor - Monroe
Yampolsky, ElaineAdjunct Professor, Biology - Monroe
Youssef, Naglaa A.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Zajac, MaryAdjunct Professor - Monroe

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