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Science, Math, and Engineering
Ahmadizadeh , EbrahimProfessor, Mathematics
Anderko, KarenAssociate Professor
Austin, Kelly A.Professor
Bartlett, Becky A.Adjunct Professor
Beebe, SamanthaAssociate Professor, Biology/Public Health
Bielska , Dr. BarbaraProfessor, Biotechnology
Biglin, John R.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Boyd, John W.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Burch, PaulaAssociate Professor
Byrne, Dr. Mary C.Adjunct Professor
Campbell, GaryAdjunct Professor, Chemistry
Carpenter, KathleenAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Chandler, Dr. Frederick "Rick"Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Chobanova, YordankaAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Counterman , CelisaAssociate Professor, Mathematics
Cramer, ElizabethAdjunct Professor
Davis, Robyn L.Adjunct Professor
Dewhurst, JohnAdjunct Professor
DiMaria, CatarinaAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Dolack, EdwardAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Doney , BillAssociate Professor, Engineering/Physics
Ebersole , DennisProfessor, Math/Computer/Information Science
Elwood, NicoleAdjunct Professor, Mathematics/Physics
Erb, JonathanAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Fleming, Dr. Edward S.Adjunct Professor
Follweiler, Dr. Douglas M.Adjunct Professor
Forouraghi, KavehAdjunct Professor, Mathematics, Physics
Fromert, GaryAdjunct Professor, Chemistry
Galick , JeannieAssociate Professor, Mathematics
Gelormo , DavidAssociate Professor
Gerbino, Steven G.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Gregory, JoanAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Haller, ThomasAdjunct Professor
Harris , MilesAssociate Professor, Mathematics
Hill-Knight, Conrad D.Adjunct Professor, Physics
Huang, Dr. Wun-Ing JessicaAdjunct Professor
Hudak, JamieAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Hussain, AzmatTemporary Full-Time Professor, Mathematics
Irvin, Carl E.Professor
Johnson, MarkAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Jun, Wesley Y.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Kast, JustinAdjunct Professor, Engineering
Kavanau, Dr. ChristopherProfessor
Kish, Dr. PeterAdjunct Professor, Biology
Klein, Karen M.Assistant Professor
Koch, AndrewAdjunct Professor
Krauss , KenProfessor, Computer Science/Mathematics
Kresge , Dr. KathleenAssociate Professor
Kressly, Doris A.Adjunct Professor
Langley, Brett A.Adjunct Professor, Physics
Laskowski, JenniferAdjunct Professor
Lavelle, Dr. JosephAdjunct Professor
Lee-Bond , Dr. SharonProfessor
Leiser , Dr. JohnProfessor, Biology
Lesoine, MichaelAdjunct Professor, Chemistry/Math
Magilton, III, WilliamAssociate Professor
Markle, Michael A.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Marsden, KevinInstructor, CAD Engineering
Mathers , CharlesAssociate Professor, Mathematics
McFadden, RogerAdjunct Professor, Biology
McGovern, Dr. Thomas A.Adjunct Professor
Moreau, Dr. Wayne M.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Muscatell, JamesAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Musolino, LarryTemporary Full-Time Professor, Mathematics
Nix, DaintyAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Overdorf, AlisonAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Palermo, Dr. AnthonyAdjunct Professor
Paunovska, NatashaAdjunct Professor
Perone, Dr. AnthonyAdjunct Professor, Biology
Puliti, GianlucaAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Richardson, JenniferAdjunct Professor
Roberts, Carolyn H.Adjunct Professor
Rolón , AlexAssociate Professor, Mathematics
Rosengrant, KimberlyAdjunct Professor, Biology
Ruschman, RossAdjunct Professor, Biology
Sankey, EvelynAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Sawyer, BrandyAdjunct Professor
Schmittel, Julie A.Adjunct Professor
Schreffler, Lisa A.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Sewell, MarkAdjunct Professor, Engineering
Shea, Patricia A.Adjunct Professor
Shikari, AnisAdjunct Professor
Shonk, Amy B.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Smith, JasonAdjunct Professor
Smith, ElizabethAdjunct Professor
Smith, Jeannie M.Assistant Professor
Speicher, JacalynAdjunct Professor, Biology
Spivak, CarolynAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Stasak, GeorgeAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Svitilla, Robert J.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Swineford, Patricia A.Adjunct Professor, Biology
Thompson, Dr. Lucile W.Adjunct Professor
Turkos, Dr. Robert E.Adjunct Professor, Chemistry
Turnbach, Jr., Robert J.Adjunct Professor, Mathematics
Vedage, Dr. GaminiAdjunct Professor
Veech, Dr. WilliamAdjunct Professor, Biology
Vidanage, SudanthaAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Villar , Dr. BeatrizAssociate Professor, Biology
Wagh, Smita M.Adjunct Professor
Wetzel-Ulrich , ChristineAssociate Professor, Mathematics
Whirl, RobertAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Williamson, Clair Q.Adjunct Professor, Engineering, Electromechanical Technology
Withey, KurtAssistant Professor, Mathematics
Woldemichael, BinyamAdjunct Professor
Youssef, NaglaaAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Zajac, MaryAdjunct Professor, Mathematics

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