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Achey , WendiProfessor, Business/Marketing
Achilles, WendyAdjunct Professor
Adams, CindyProfessor
Bajwa , Mohammad SadiqProfessor, Economics
Bellucci, Jr., Dominic E.Adjunct Professor, Accounting
Bing, JohnAdjunct Professor, Business
Britt , KarenAssociate Professor, Business
Brogan, Richard J.Adjunct Professor, Accounting
Connell, Dr. MattProfessor
Culp, MarkAdjunct Professor, Construction Management
Curran, Joanne M.Adjunct Professor, Office Administration
Dickson , Anita M.Professor, Business Administration
Donnelly, BethAdjunct Professor, Business
Dornish, AliceAdjunct Professor, Office Administration
Evans, MaiAdjunct Professor, Business
Farhat, MansourAdjunct Professor, Accounting
Farrand, MaryAdjunct Professor, Office Administration
Febbo, JacquelynAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Forrestal, AnnAdjunct Professor, Office Administration
Guidetti, Gary J.Assistant Dean, Business & Technology
Hoback, JohnAdjunct Professor, Business
Hoffner, Bradford L.Adjunct Professor, Business
Horvath, Michael J.Adjunct Professor, Accounting
Huang, Won-Chin L.Adjunct Professor
Indelicato-Ramirez, MariaAdjunct Professor, Economics
Johnson, David L.Adjunct Professor
Jones, Paul W.Adjunct Professor
Jordan, AnthonyAdjunct Professor, Computer Science
Karonias , SharonAdjunct Professor, Office Administration
Keim, BarbaraAdjunct Professor, Office Administration
Kelley, PatrickAdjunct Professor, Business
Konrath, CynthiaAdjunct Professor, Business
LaBrie, SusanAdjunct Professor, Office Administration
Lutte, AmyProfessor
Madura, FrankAdjunct Professor, Accounting
Maine, MariaAdjunct Professor
Manela , Susan R.Assistant Professor of Office Administration
McGlynn, ShawnAdjunct Professor, Construction Management
McNichols, TimothyAdjunct Professor, Mathematics
Metzler , JeanineAssociate Professor, Accounting
Meyers , Annie LaurieProfessor, Business and Office Administration
Miller, Michael B.Adjunct Professor, Business
Mills, Joette V.Adjunct Professor, Human Resources Management
Molinari, JosephAdjunct Professor, Business
Morris, JessicaAdjunct Professor
Nesfeder, Patricia A.Adjunct Professor, Office Administration
Notari, Dolores E.Adjunct Professor, Accounting
Olsheski, Lawrence E.Adjunct Professor, Accounting
Pettit, Esq., Susan A.Adjunct Professor, Business
Phillips, KathrynAdjunct Professor
Raines, CarltonAdjunct Professor, Business
Rakowski, DavidAdjunct Professor, Business Law
Reilly, MaryAdjunct Professor, Office Administration
Richards-Martin, RachsanAdjunct Professor
Rimple, Tonya T.Adjunct Professor, Accounting
Ross, Eric HerbertAdjunct Professor
Rothweiler, Steven G.Adjunct Professor
Ruch, Ruth M.Adjunct Professor, Office Administration
Savard, MauriceAdjunct Professor
Savkanitch, OxanaAdjunct Professor, Office Administration
Schumm, WilliamAdjunct Professor, Business
Sclafani, RobertAdjunct Professor, Accounting
Spencer, JeremyAdjunct Professor, Accounting
Stenger, EllenAdjunct Professor, Office Administration
Stibrany, WilliamAdjunct Professor, Accounting
Trainor, Paul E.Adjunct Professor, Business Law
Turner, Gerald R.Adjunct Professor
Walters, CaseyAdjunct Professor
Walz, Rebecca D.Adjunct Professor, Business
Watkins, SusanProfessor
Woicekowski, Gail M.Adjunct Professor, Accounting
Youssef, TamerAdjunct Professor, Office Administration

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